Exciting news!

2013-06-27 17:32:47 by MelanieDarling

I just finished my basic course as an Animator - and I got an A+!!

Yep. I finished my basic course and scored an A+. I made a 3D tiger in Maya and Mudbox, and later took it to Photoshop and made a postcard with it. I am super proud and impressed with myself if I have to be completely honest!

But yeah, tomorrow is my last day this year and then in August i'm starting as an web-integrator whilst searching for an internship as an animator/2D-3D graphic artist.

I've spent some time today uploading some more of my art, and hope to dig into Newgrounds as a community this summer - been a really busy bee!

Yay! A+!!


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2013-06-29 23:16:36

congratulations girl! keep up the good work!