Sometimes I forget..

2015-01-06 08:22:58 by MelanieDarling

..that Newgrounds is a place where I -also- post my work. Sheesh.

Well, thanks to Jazza's Challenge of the Month I figured I should update my gallery a bit before posting my entry. I was very inspired and I'm very happy with the results of my work, not sure if I'll keep working in it though before the deadline.

So, yeah, hi again. 

New art coming soon!

2013-07-07 17:06:21 by MelanieDarling

Hey everyone!

I'm finally home after a small week at my moms place. During my stay I toyed with a few ideas for a freelance project I am doing, for a plus size wellness website. It's solely to get my connections up and running and, lets face it, I love to draw curvy sexy ladies.

So I have a few ideas and will most likely make some very simple and clean ladies, 3-4 probably, which I will present one after another to the lady who owns the site and see if she likes them or not.

If anything I get to get my hands on drawing again. It's been a while since my inspiration has been flowing!

Thanks everyone who is following me, btw - it's super awesome to see that ya'll fancy me so much ^^ I'll try and make it worth your while.

Have a great day!

Exciting news!

2013-06-27 17:32:47 by MelanieDarling

I just finished my basic course as an Animator - and I got an A+!!

Yep. I finished my basic course and scored an A+. I made a 3D tiger in Maya and Mudbox, and later took it to Photoshop and made a postcard with it. I am super proud and impressed with myself if I have to be completely honest!

But yeah, tomorrow is my last day this year and then in August i'm starting as an web-integrator whilst searching for an internship as an animator/2D-3D graphic artist.

I've spent some time today uploading some more of my art, and hope to dig into Newgrounds as a community this summer - been a really busy bee!

Yay! A+!!

As many other people of my generation, Newgrounds have been a place where alot of the most random and best flash games and movies were to be found. It wasn't untill recently, when I was introduced to Jazza in youtube that I knew how much the community had grown and how much it could actually fit my own interests. I am currently looking for an internship as "animator" in gamecompanies, but I am really an artist and would liek to work most with illustrations, concept work and the likes. So being titled "animator" isn't really correct but hey, what can you do.

I look forward to digging in to this community and hopefully run by some of my childhood memories from here (yes I feel old D: )